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HAR 2009 - Village:Norwegian Embassy

Hacking at random

We start the wiki-page here, to add some momentum, before moving it to the HAR Wiki….

NOTE: The HAR-Wiki-page is now operational:

  19:16 (@  einarjh ) fishy_: Hvorfor engelsk?
  19:17 (@   rruneh ) Ironisk for en norsk leir. :P
  19:17 (@  einarjh ) Nettopp.
  19:17 (    fishy_ ) einarjh, rruneh: fordi planen er å kopiere teksten
                      verbatim over til HAR-wikien etterhvert...

NOTE: The HAR-Wiki-page is now operational:

Let us try to keep this page up to date anyhow ;)


Main idea

Let us set up Village:Norwegian Embassy at HAR!

Basically, gather a group of Norwegians going to HAR, get a flag and a central tent of some sort, some stuff for a local infrastructure, and take it from there.


The idea of villages is self-organization. Most groups coming to events like this are self-sufficient enough to take up part of the more low-level organization, like renting a common tent and doing some networking. Or in some cases organize events/lecures of their own. Since every group has their own interests and ideas this creates a more distributed feel to the event.


Nick/name Travelling from Probabillity of going
Fishy Gjøvik 100%
Sakarias Gjøvik/Oslo 100%
L2-CaStLe Oslo 100%

Add your name to the list, and it would be nice if you drop some contact info to fishy at lilug dot no so we can arrange.. well.. stuff…


List of stuff that will be brought to make the village…

Fishy and Sakarias' shopping list

This is suff that Fishy and Sakarias have added up to a list of “Common stuff for the village”. Hopefully, someone will sprint some monays and help out covering the cost…

What Where Prod. no. # Price/psc Sum Aqquired
Partytelt Biltema 26-3191 1 799.00 799.00 x
Gassbrenner Biltema 17-618 1 199.00 199.00 x
Gass til gassbrenner Biltema 17-595 1 59.90 59.90 x
Lommelykter, campinglykt Biltema 38-304 1 59.90 59.90 x
12V DC 2A+ strømforsyning Biltema 38-114 1 189.00 189.00 x
Vannbeholder med kran Biltema 26-248 2 44.90 89.80
Campingstoler Biltema 45-853 2 69.90 139.80 x
Campingbord Biltema 26-748 1 299.00 299.00 x
Flagg, fritt Biltema 45-5571 1 89.90 89.90 x
Gaffa Biltema 29-253 1 69.90 69.90 x
Inverter/vekselretter 150W Biltema 31-615 1 399.00 399.00 x
Batterier, Alkaline Power Pk Biltema 38-380 2 99.90 199.80 x
Kaffetrakter 12V Felleskjøpet 1 175.00 175.00
12V USB dings BilXtra CDC-422780 1 249.00 249.00
Sigarettenneruttaksforgrener Biltema 1 249.00 249.00 x

Personal stuff, shareable

Fishy stuff

Fishy's personal stuff that can be used by more people…

One or two small tents.
Barbequeue, bowl
Charcoal, Lighter Fuel
Tool chest w/var tools
Frying pan, 2 pots
12V cooling box, std size.
Tarps, various sizes
1kg baby fire extinguisher
2X 3Com Superstack II 100Mbps 24port switches


If you are travelling by other means than collective transport, give a hint.

Also, if you do travel by plane/train/bus/chariot, and need to be picked up at a station or something, place a note, and it will probably be fixed alright.

We has a car

We have aqquired the “harmobile”. The Harmobile is a 1989 Ford Transit 2.0, currently with seating for seven, tho it will most likely be stripped down to five seats to get more packing space.


People riding in the harmobile are:

Who From Has license?
Fishy Gjøvik Yes
Sakarias Oslo No
L2-Castle Oslo Yes
Sandberg? Oslo? Yes