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====== Ubuntu Hardy Heron Unattended install ====== This describes the steps used to do unattended install of Ubuntu Hardy Heron at Gjøvik University College. The setup will in addition to installation of machine-specific setup for the Workstations in the GUC Linux laboratory, the steps used to integrate system login with Microsoft Active Directory. ===== Step one: Test install ===== The computers at the lab are Dell Optiplex GX755 machines, that have been upgraded with ATI Radeon 2600HD GFX adapters. These machines had never previously been installed with Ubuntu, so a test-install was needed to identify any and all quirks that needed to be fixed before setting up for unattended install. I started out with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) Alternate amd64. Boot Select Language -> English F3 -> Select keymap -> Norwegian Install Choose language -> English Choose country -> other -> Norway Partitioning -> Guided, use entire disk SCSI1 (0,0,0) Remove existing logical volume data? -> yes The partitioner suggests creating two partitions -> Yes Installing base system... Is the system clock set to UTC? -> Yes Remove CD, reboot.