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Ubuntu Hardy Heron Unattended install

This describes the steps used to do unattended install of Ubuntu Hardy Heron at Gjøvik University College. The setup will in addition to installation of machine-specific setup for the Workstations in the GUC Linux laboratory, the steps used to integrate system login with Microsoft Active Directory.

Step one: Test install

The computers at the lab are Dell Optiplex GX755 machines, that have been upgraded with ATI Radeon 2600HD GFX adapters. These machines had never previously been installed with Ubuntu, so a test-install was needed to identify any and all quirks that needed to be fixed before setting up for unattended install.

I started out with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) Alternate amd64.


Select Language → English F3 → Select keymap → Norwegian Install Choose language → English Choose country → other → Norway Partitioning → Guided, use entire disk SCSI1 (0,0,0) Remove existing logical volume data? → yes The partitioner suggests creating two partitions → Yes

Installing base system…

Is the system clock set to UTC? → Yes

Remove CD, reboot.