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Large virtual framebuffer on X11, with a relatively small viewport onto the framebuffer. The framebuffer is displayed to the user through video goggles, and the viewport is actively scrolled on the large framebuffer using a headtracker. Does this provide a pseudo-3d environment experience for the user, and does this create a working, productive user interface environment?

Work done

Using FVWM it was very simple to get a proof-of-concept of the large framebuffer and scrolling. The framebuffer/viewport was provided through a combination of FVWMs virtual resolution support and xrandr. The scrolling was implemented as a very naive module for FVWM. Panning/scrolling was not done using head-tracking, instead a joystick input was used for simplicity.

Work in progress

Atmega328p microcontroller + FTDI USB-serial + 5DOM IMU is currently being used to implement a proof-of-concept headtracker. The first generation tracker will not beof a practical size or presicion, but will function as a prototype and proof.