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Step 1: Get on TeamSpeak3

The quickest way to get a message out and through is via Voice. This may not be so important when you are running by yourself, but when you are taking part in a Guild-coordinated WvW Event, having YOU on TeamSpeak really makes a huge difference. It is much quicker (and safer) to get a message out by saying it, than having to break from active combat while typing out a message. Even more importantly, when you are in the middle of an intense fight against opponent, noticing that “FALL BACK OR YOU'LL DIE” text in the lower corner of your is actually really hard.

This said, if you are anxious about logging on to TeamSpeak because you don't want to talk for some reason or other: that's perfectly fine! During coordinated play, getting the message TO you quickly via Voice is very important, but the Captains and party leaders WILL read party-, guild- and team chat.

Step 2: The WvW status screen, what does it all mean?

On the top of your screen you have the game menu action icons, starting with Game Menu, Contacts, Hero, Inventory…. One of the icons has the shape of a Tower, and opens the WvW status screen. If you have not changed your Controls too much, this is also activated by pressing B.

In this screen, there are several sections. First you will have a line that allows you to travel to WvW if you're not currently there. If you are already in WvW, this line shows you the time remaining until points are next calculated.

Under that there are three boxes, one for each of the three servers currently batteling. WvW matches (currently) last for one full week, and puts three servers up against each other, trying to gain as much points as possible by taking hold of (and keeping that hold) as much of the battlefield as possible. Each server will have one of the colours Green, Red and Blue, and in the three boxes, the server name and current points are displayed on the Respective servers colour, ordered from left to right by their position (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

Gaining points and positions gives the Server bonuses that influence all aspects of the game. If the server is doing great and gains points well, all players on the server gains by it:

  • A high Artisan bonus will give more XP from Crafting
  • A high Scavenger bonus will give you more gold in your pocket from any kills
  • etc.

These bonuses, along with a progress indicator towards the next bonus gained is the third section of the screen.

The final, fourth section of the WvW Stats and Bonuses show the current division of the battlefield. There is a pie chart showing how large a part each server holds, and a list of Potential Poins and what they are gained from.

Points are calculated every 15 minutes, when the at that time Potential Points are added to the servers total. Points are awarded for capturing and holding Camps, Towers, Keeps and Castle. A Camp awards 5 points, a Tower 10 points, a Keep 15 points and the Stonemist Castle 35 points (there is only one Castle).

Step 3: Get to WvW

There are (at least) two ways to get in to the WvW game mode. The most commonly used way is to bring up the WvW screen, click on Go to World vs. World, and select from the drop-down menu. This drop down menu shows you the three Borderlands of each server, plus the Eternal Battlegrounds. Each server has a “Home borderland” where they hold an inpenetrable Citadel in the center. The Eternal Battlegrounds is a map placed “in the center” of the Borderlands, where each server always hold an entry-point, but the map otherwise is “up for grabs”.

The second way is to visit the Portals at Fort Mariner in Lions Arch, moving up to one of the portals and pressing “Travel [F]”. The portals will be colored according to the servers colors, and will also show the name of the battleground when you get close. The Eternal Battleground portal is offset slightly from the Border waypoints and is a greyish color. Note that there is also a Pink portal going to Structured PvP (sPvP), aka Heart of he Mists.

Now you may ask “Where do I go?”. I would suggest that a fresh WvW player should start in the Home Borderlands, quite simply because that is the place your team should have best control at all times. If you want to find immediate action, you wil almost always find that on the Eternal Battlegrounds.

Note that is you are in an Overflow, WvW information will not be available. Not on the [B] screen, and no names on the portals. You can still travel via both [B] and portals, but unless you already know the colors, it will be more of a chance :)