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WvW Supplies

Probably THE most important part of WvW is Supplies. Supplies are essential for upgrading buildings, for repairing damaged structures and for building siege weapons. You as a player can pick up supplies to carry for building supplies and repairing structures, picking it up at Supply Camps and Supply Depots. Before going into detail on the use of supplies, two important rules:

  • NEVER take supplies from a Tower, Keep or Castle Depot unless that structure is currently being heavily attacked. Supplies in Towers, Keeps and Castle are needed for Upgrades and Repair. Always get your supplies from one of the (many) supply camps on the map.
  • ALWAYS carry supplies. Whenever something needs to be built or repaired, it is vital that it gets completed fast. When you use up your carried supplies, take the first safe-ish opportunity you have to re-supply at Camp.

How do you know if you are carrying supplies? Have a look at the top of your screen. You will see three coloured bars, a +number, a countdown, and a number followed by a barrel. That last “barrel-number” is the amount of supplies you are carrying.